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Pittsburgh marble stone refinishing Our Service area Includes: 15143, 15010, 15071, 15108, 15122, 15123, 15201, 15202, 15203, 15204, 15205, 15206, 15207, 15208, 15209, 15210, 15211, 15212, 15213, 15214, 15215, 15216, 15217, 15218, 15219, 15220, 15221, 15222, 15223, 15224, 15225, 15226, 15227, 15228, 15229, 15230, 15231, 15232, 15233, 15234, 15235, 15236, 15237, 15238, 15239, 15240, 15241,…

Should I use epoxy fill or a travertine fill to fix holes in my floor?

Jerusalem Limestone is a great choice for your home in Pittsburgh.  This small job required all of the voids or holes filled.  Voids can be filled with different products but basically it comes down to two choices.  Epoxy that will take a polish and will look like a natural part of the stone.  The other…

Travertine is a beautiful natural stone.   Over time it many need a good cleaning and sealer. Here are some before and after photos of a Travertine cleaning job we did this week in Sewickley, PA 15143.

Before and After Travertine cleaning

Before and After Travertine cleaning


The Home owner said that the last company that did the job was not able to get the stone as clean.  She also said they left black all around the edges of the floor.  We always do edge work and that is a big difference between us and others.

Travertine Services Include:

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Rojo Alicante Marble Shower Restoration in Pittsburgh

Rojo Alicante Marble is a famous red marble from Spain. It has a deep luxurious look but like any other marble, if it is cared for improperly, it can be damaged quickly.

This photo shows the damage caused by using the wrong cleaners.


This is a great photo for two reasons. We hear folks in Pittsburgh say that they think hard water caused the damage to their stone. Hard water dose cause damage but its not the kind of damage that we regularly see, like in the upper photo, that has run marks in the stone. In the photo bellow notice the build up in the grout. This very hard layer almost like another layer of stone is caused by the hard water deposits.